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About Joe

Hello, my name is Joe Carpenter and I have a passion for all things electronic and instrument related.


My greatest desire is to provide the best customized service in the most cost effective way with the quickest turnaround time. I believe in the statement “We’re not happy until you're Happy”.


A little about me, I have been around stringed instruments most of my life. I remember my dad buying me my first guitar when I was 8yrs old and I remember often listening to him and his friends playing. When I was in Jr. High school I remember modifying my first electric guitar. It was an old Harmony solid body from the 60’s that used to belong to my dad, I pulled out the old DeArmond Gold Foil Pickups and installed a single humbucker in the bridge just like Eddie. Man I wish I had those Gold Foil pickups they are worth a pretty penny now, LoL.


You’ll find me most of the time tinkering around in the Carpenter Guitar and Amp Labs working on gear or other projects. My background is in electronics and business and I pride myself on doing the best possible job in all that I do.


I have repaired, serviced and performed maintenance on guitars, amps, effects and related gear and I’m always looking for new challenging opportunities.

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