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Q: Do you offer a Warranty and or a Guarantee?

A: New parts carry the manufactures warranty, We offer a 30 day guarantee on all labor and services.

Q: Do you do estimates?

A: Yes, if the service is not listed on the repairs and rates page we can provide an estimate at the normal cost of a bench fee of $35. The bench fee will be applied towards any services that we provide thereafter.

Q: What is you turnaround time?

A: Depending on the size of the job and parts availability, if they need to be ordered or if we have them in stock etc. We will update the customer with the ETA on parts and repair status as needed. Our average turnaround is 1-2 weeks but, if you need it sooner let us know when service is agreed upon and we can work something out. There will be an extra fee for faster than normal turn around time. 

Q: Can I drop off my gear?

A: Yes, if you call us ahead of time we can arrange a drop off time at our shop. If you’re unable to drop it off at our shop let me know and we can arrange an alternative pickup\drop off solution.  

Q: What kind of guitars do you work on?

A: All types and sizes including but not limited to 6 string electric\acoustic, 7 & 8 string electric guitars, 12 string electric\acoustic guitars, 4 & 5 string electric\acoustic basses, guitarróns, Spanish\Classical guitars, classical, ukuleles, mandolins and banjos.

A: What kind of amps do you work on?

Q: All types but not limited to solid state and tube guitar and bass amps, PA powered monitor speakers, PA power amps and keyboard amps.

Q: Hours of operation

A: Hours are Wed - Sat 8am to 5pm; closed Sunday - Tue; call ahead for booking drop off.

Q: What type of tools do you use to diagnose problems?

A: We have several pieces of state of the art diagnostic equipment including Oscilloscope, ERS meter, Signal generators, computerized tube tester, bias adjustment meter and various specialized hand tools for both guitar and amp repair.

Q: Where are you located?

A: Please see our contacts page for more information.

Q: Is my equipment\gear safe?

A: Our shop is secured with locks and an advanced alarm system also, your equipment\gear will be protected and treated with the upmost care. Although, “Acts of God” e.g. floods, fire, etc. cannot be predicted and therefore not covered.





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