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Explore Carpenter Guitar and Ampworks repairs and services below. Service offerings are not limited to the list below. Carpenter Guitar and Ampworks services all guitar, amp and effects pedal brands. We are fully functional guitar, amp and effects pedal service repair shop with over 20yrs experience. For any items or repairs not listed below, please contact Joe directly. We are happy to provide consultations and quotes for repairs.

Standard Restring: $10.00 + cost of strings

Including 6 string acoustic, electric guitars, mandolin and banjo etc.

Specialty Restring: $20.00 + cost of strings

Including locking tremolos, classical and 12 string guitars etc.

*Standard Setup: $45.00

Includes: Electric (hardtail\stoptail & Fender style floating tremolo)\Acoustic 6 string guitars; Classical; 4-String Bass; Banjo and Mandolin

*Specialty Setup: $60.00

Includes: Locking Tremolo; 12 string acoustic and 6-string bass

Pickguard Install:

LP Style $10.00

Drop-In Style $20.00

Install Hardware and Custom Upgrades:

Strap Buttons $5.00

Tuning Machines $30.00

Bone Nut $50.00

Bone Saddle $40.00

Compensated Bone Saddle $60.00

Tremolo\Vibrato Install (Strat Style) $75+ 

Tremolo\Vibrato Install (Floyd Rose) $150+

Fretwork and Guitar Repair:

Level, Crown and Polish $90.00

Re-Fret $230.00

Partial Re-fret $80.00 + $10.00\fret

*What is included in a Guitar Set-Up?

In order to have your guitar play the way you want it to play a set-up is recommended. Even new guitars need a set-up because at the factory often the set-up is overlooked because attention is placed on other areas of the build.  Periodically a set-up is needed because as the guitar is played the relief in the neck can change due to climate changes. Too much or not enough relief can cause fret buzz, intonation issues and string action to be too high or too low. This is why a set-up is critical to the player.

  1. Adjust truss rod

  2. Adjust nut action and clean

  3. Adjust saddles\bridge action and clean

  4. Check for uneven frets

  5. Clean and polish fret wire

  6. Lubricate and tighten all moving parts

  7. Check tremolo spring tension

  8. Clean and condition fretboard

  9. Check electronics

  10. Check\adjust pickup height

  11. Replace strings

  12. Strobe tune and intonate

  13. Thoroughly clean and polish instrument

Amp Repairs:

Amp tune-up:  Includes a detailed internal and sonic assessment of the amplifier; tightening hardware, checking tubes, wiring, voltages, solder joints, tube sockets, capacitors and resistors; cleaning tube sockets, jacks, and pots. Includes Re-tube & Bias if necessary; Price of tubes not included. $90 +

Re-tube and Bias; tubes not included $45.00 +

Cap Job: Replacement and/or upgrade of the Electrolytic Capacitors. $120 +

Transformer Upgrade: Replacement of Power Transformer, Output Transformer, and/or Choke. $75.00 +

Amp Mods, custom wiring or upgrades $50.00 +


Speaker Replacement $40.00 +

Structural Repairs:

Headstock repair $70.00 +

Bridge Re-glued $80.00 +

Brace Re-Glued $30.00 +

Sound Board Cracks $55.00 +

Standard  Repair Rates:

Bench fee: Includes diagnosis $35.00

Hourly Rate non-electrical work $35.00\hr

Hourly Rate electrical work $45.00\hr

Standard  Repair Rates:

Bench fee: Includes diagnosis $35.00

Hourly Rate non-electrical work $35.00\hr

Hourly Rate electrical work $45.00\hr

Additional Services:

Guitar Electrical:

Pick-up Install $35.00 +

Replace\Install Pots $15.00 +

Replace\Install push-pull pots $30.00 +

Custom Wiring $40.00 +

Output Jack $10.00 +

Switches $20.00 +

Consignment Sales and service: Includes professional photographs of your instrument,  blue book appraisal, advertising and online presence. Cost is 10% of final sale. 

Effects Pedal Modifications:

Most Pedals with simple mods LED, True Bypass, mod kits etc. Pedals are checked on a case-by-case basis. Service is limited to analogue effects only.

$15.00-65.00 + depending on work needed


All pricing on this page is for labor only. Parts sold separately. Some guitars, like semi-hollow or hollowbody electrics may carry an additional surcharge up to $15 due to the more involved nature of the work required.

Shop Policy:

Repairs Must Be Picked Up Within 30 Days

Items not picked up within 30 days will be charged a $5 per day storage fee.

Items not picked up within 60 days WILL BE SOLD to recover repair-storage costs.

Parts and labor are guaranteed for 30 days.

Manufactured parts carry their own warranty.

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