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Client Testimonials


"Thanks for fixing the two pedals for me! Both are working great now and I'm very happy! I can definitely recommend Joe for repair work."


"To anybody interested in Joe's work and work ethic I would say it's top notch!"


My 1955 Valco Tremotone amp was about shot and needed just about everything, and now it sounds like the hardwired powerhouse it was intended to be, thanks to a rehab by Carpenter Guitar and Ampworks

. It's hard to find someone who knows how to rebuild a 60 year old amp, like this one, but it is as warm and thick as any boutique amp you will find. And at a fraction of the cost thanks to reasonable rates. Thanks for reviving this relic!


“Yes sir always good work always recommend to all my friends”


“Those guitars look great!!! You did a great job. Thanks again they play great.”


“Joe does great work. I would recommend getting your stuff looked at by him. Very fair and honest.”


“Great job Joe! Nice work!”

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